HudMama in 2020

As the New Year approaches, I wanted to take the time and update everyone on my business plans.

First things first, I can’t guarantee I’ll stick to this but I really hope to! And that is blogging. It really is the best tool I have to get information about pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding out to my clients. As a mama myself though, it’s hard sometimes to sit down and do that on top of doing my day to day business. But I will try my best!

Since I became certified as a doula, my family has had some big life changes happen that interfered with me taking clients. That was having my second child and selling and buying a new home. For 2020 and beyond, I don’t foresee anything like that happening (hopefully). I’m ready to move on and help other people grow their families. Because of that, I plan to have my busiest year yet. I will still only book one client a month so I can primarily be home with my own babies, but I am going to do my best to book every month except when my family has a vacation planned. So far the universe is in total sync with my plans and has been sending birthing people my way. I’m very excited to support the clients I have booked thus far in 2020!

As I get more clients I would love to start investing in more trainings. One I’ve really had on my mind is getting certified with a rebozo. I have one and I have basic knowledge of how to use it, but I would love to get more savvy with it. My hands would sure be happy about that! Along the lines of finances, I would also love to donate to non profits in the birth industry. Helping under served families is so important to me but I don’t always have the means to help the organizations serving these people.

This coming summer marks three years since I became certified as a doula and as a lactation counselor! So I will have to renew both my certifications and complete the continuing education necessary for that. The time sure flies!

I so look forward to helping more people birth their babies and provide them with evidenced based care. It is always such an honor to be a part of such a miraculous moment!

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