This page is dedicated to all of the families I have supported during my career as a doula. Every birth I have had the privilege of attending has been unique and has taught me something new. At the same time, each birth has reminded me of one thing I learned with the birth of my first son, and that is women are strong. No matter which way we choose to bring our babies into this world, it takes courage, strength and unconditional love. Thank you to all the mothers who have reminded me of this and who remind me that our bodies are miraculous. And thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey. It has been such an honor!

Dietra Hudson of HudMama Doula Care, LLC offering labor support

The Vaudt Family

“Dietra was so helpful during the birth of my second son. She was full of love and support and was calm, calm, calm. One thing I remember (and appreciate most) about my fast labor was when (I think I was in transition and everything was spinning and blurry like I was on a fast moving carousel) and she stood right next to me and said “Just open your body like a flower.” And in that moment I saw clarity in a sea of darkness, and was able to re-center and focus. Minutes later I was holding my son in my arms. Thank you, Dietra, for being there!” -Mama Vaudt

The Sielsky Family 

The Olate Family

The Vogt Family

Photos used with permission from the families.