Every time I attend a birth, I feel so honored to be a part of someones birth story. Each birth has taught me something different, but each birth has also had one thing in common. And that is the strength each person has shown while bringing their baby Earth side. Their strength will never cease to amaze me and I thank each person who has allowed me into their sacred space.Dietra Hudson of HudMama Doula Care, LLC offering labor support

“Dietra was so helpful during the birth of my second son. She was full of love and support and was calm, calm, calm. One thing I remember (and appreciate most) about my fast labor was when (I think I was in transition and everything was spinning and blurry like I was on a fast moving carousel) and she stood right next to me and said “Just open your body like a flower.” And in that moment I saw clarity in a sea of darkness, and was able to re-center and focus. Minutes later I was holding my son in my arms. Thank you, Dietra, for being there!” -Mama Vaudt

The Sielsky Family

It was wonderful working with Dietra! We were able to meet once before the birth as my little one decided to grace us with his presence a few weeks early. She had a lot of great info and things to think about for the birth and led me through making a lot of decisions that would have been impossible in the moments of labor and birth.  She stuck with us through a long day and was immediately able to remind me about certain things I did and did not want to do when I finally delivered my baby.  I would work with her again the future!” -Mama Olate-Godfrey

The Vogt Family

“Dietra was absolutely amazing. She was understanding to my needs and wants both before, during, and after labor. We experienced a somewhat traumatic labor and having her there was a huge comfort.” -Mama Felix

The Craven Family

Photos used with permission from the families.