Cervical Exams in Pregnancy

Cervical exams are something every provider offers during the last trimester of pregnancy. But did you know you can deny this? I’ve found a lot of times my clients think they are routine and can give them beneficial information. This isn’t necessarily true.

While cervical exams can tell you if you are dilated and effaced, it is not a good indication of when labor will begin. You can go from 0-10cm in a matter of hours or be 3cm for several weeks.

Cervical exams can be painful for some women and cause minor bleeding. They are also subjective as cervical dilation is measured by your providers fingers, and numbers can vary depending on who checks you.

If you choose to have a cervical exam, keep in mind the points above and know that you can deny any procedure you are not comfortable with, so long as it isn’t a medical emergency.

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