My name is Dietra Hudson (you can call me Dee) and I was born and raised in Colorado. Before I began my journey as a birth doula, I worked in the financial industry for 8 years. My best friend and I have been together for 12 years and have been married for 5. I have two sons, one who is 4 years old and the other who turned 1 in June 2019.

When I’m not at a birth or chasing my babies around, I enjoy reading and being outdoors. We like to go off-roading and hiking in the mountains. During the summer, you can usually find me in my garden or at the pool.

Why I Became a Doula

Becoming a mother was the most life changing event I have ever experienced. Both of my birth experiences sparked my interest in empowering women in their own journeys into motherhood, and continues to inspire my path as a doula. I believe how we birth our babies matters. Not just for the mother but the baby as well. When you feel listened to, loved, and informed during your birth, you will continue to feel confident once you have your baby in your arms.

It has become my passion to help birthing people have the most positive birth experience possible by providing evidence based information, emotional and physical comfort and unbiased support for any type of birth my clients wish to have. I am a certified birth doula through DONA International and have been serving families since 2016. I have attended both intervention free and highly medicalized births.

I have experience with:

  • cesarean birth
  • clients on bed rest
  • clients over 40
  • epidurals
  • high risk
  • induction
  • intervention free birth
  • single parents
  • survivors of childhood sexual abuse

(CD)DONA certification for Dietra Hudson of HudMama Doula Care, LLC

Why DONA International?

There are many reasons but the most important one to me was the Code of Ethics DONA stands by. It is important to DONA how doulas conduct themselves in their work and they hold each doula up to a high standard. This to me showed the great dedication they have in providing doulas with the best education possible, so that they can in turn provide their clients with the best service possible. DONA is seen as the “gold standard” when it comes to certifying organizations and I wanted to be a part of that. Since completing my certification, I feel that I am more than equipped to help my clients have a satisfying birth experience.

You may view DONA’s Code of Ethics and other information here.

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