A Doula’s Guide To An Unmedicated Birth

Most people hire me as their doula to help them have an unmedicated birth. I like to provide my clients with the tools necessary to accomplish this. While epidurals have their place and time, most people are capable of birthing just like their ancestors did.

I have learned what it requires to tap into our inner strength, and birth our babies without the use of modern medicine. 

Knowledge is Power

When birth moved into hospitals, we lost touch with the intuition needed to give birth as our bodies were meant to. We are taught doctors know best, but we know now some medical interventions can do more damage than good. Modern medicine has its place and time but is often overused. As a doula, I show my clients the research indicating the risks and benefits of each intervention. This helps you navigate what may be necessary and what is not.

Use Your B.R.A.I.N

When you’re in labor and an intervention is brought up, ask your provider:

Benefits – What are the benefits of this procedure?

Risks – What are the risks of this procedure?

Alternatives – What are the alternatives to this procedure? Can we try another option?

Intuition – What is your gut telling you?

Nothing – What happens if we do nothing?

Have the Support Team for You

I can’t stress this one enough! Having an OB or midwife that supports your decisions and doesn’t pressure you, is so important. When you are in labor, it is very easy to trigger your fight or flight response and having someone bring a negative energy to your birth space will affect your labor. You want to be able to labor comfortably knowing that everyone in your space, believes that you can birth how you want. Know that you can change providers at any time, including while you are in labor. Remember, you are the customer.

Submit to the Power of Birth

This one is the hardest, especially if it’s your first baby. Birth is the most primal thing you will experience and is led by your subconscious. There are things you can do prenatally to make this easier. In your first prenatal meeting, I will guide you through acknowledging your fears. Fear can be a big road block that we don’t expect or don’t want to deal with, but facing them can make a huge difference. Another thing I will work with you on is practicing comfort measures. This helps you learn what feels best to you, so that you can have the tools needed to create your own labor ritual. When you are in labor, you will come up with your own way of coping and I like to call that your ritual. Above all else, you need to know your labor and birth will happen how it’s meant to. Allowing yourself to let go, not tense against the discomfort and letting your brain tap into the subconscious, will be your most powerful tool.

Because I love to hike, I tell my clients that labor is like hiking a 14er. It takes strength, endurance and perseverance.

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