The HudMama Philosophy

As your Doula, I believe you should feel empowered and positively supported in your sacred birth journey. I offer a holistic approach to pregnancy and birth, meaning I will guide you through both the emotional and physical aspects. I remain unbiased throughout my care because I want what is best for YOU and YOUR birth.


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Birth Doula Support

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Lactation Support

As a Certified Lactation Counselor, I help my clients in the postpartum stage by assessing, troubleshooting and answering common breastfeeding questions in the comfort of your own home. Learn More


Your baby’s birth is a once in a lifetime experience and I can provide my clients with images to remember it by. Learn More


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Happy Clients

Mama Casiano

“My husband and I had a great experience with Dietra as our labor doula! Her focus was always 100% on our wishes for the pregnancy and birth. The information she imparted and skills she shared helped us to better prepare and then execute our birth plan to the best of our abilities. It was so nice to have the extra help in the hospital and I do think our birth experience as a whole was much more positive due to Dietra’s presence and aid. We also really enjoyed the photos we had Dietra take in the delivery room. We would absolutely recommend her service and would use her again in the future  (except we plan on this latest kiddo being our last one!)”

Mama Vaudt

“Dietra was so helpful during the birth of my second son. She was full of love and support and was calm, calm, calm. One thing I remember (and appreciate most) about my fast labor was when (I think I was in transition and everything was spinning and blurry like I was on a fast moving carousel) and she stood right next to me and said “Just open your body like a flower.” And in that moment I saw clarity in a sea of darkness, and was able to re-center and focus. Minutes later I was holding my son in my arms. Thank you, Dietra, for being there!”

Dietra Hudson of HudMama Doula Care, LLC offering labor support

Mama Olate-Godfrey

It was wonderful working with Dietra! We were able to meet once before the birth as my little one decided to grace us with his presence a few weeks early. She had a lot of great info and things to think about for the birth and led me through making a lot of decisions that would have been impossible in the moments of labor and birth.  She stuck with us through a long day and was immediately able to remind me about certain things I did and did not want to do when I finally delivered my baby.  I would work with her again in the future!”

Mama Felix

“Dietra was absolutely amazing. She was understanding of my needs and wants both before, during, and after labor. We experienced a somewhat traumatic labor and having her there was a huge comfort.”

Mama Craven

“From the start, Dietra was incredibly easy to be around and talk to.  During our first meeting, her very calm demeanor and presence gave my husband and I a lot of confidence that she would be equally as steady during something as wild as giving birth.  She was attentive and respected what we had in our mind for our birth plan (which went straight out the window because of COVID!).  The only unfortunate part of our experience was that it was muddled by the pandemic – our hospital was not allowing more than 1 support person, including doulas, so we had to transition to a remote support situation.  Dietra took the lead and figured out how to do remote support via Zoom.  Her flexibility and patience was absolutely wonderful.  Postpartum, she answered many, many questions between my husband and I and offered plenty of support and resources.  We would highly recommend working with Dietra if you are considering doula support during childbirth!”

Mama Cerami

“Dee was a wonderful Doula who helped make my birth experience both positive and enjoyable. My plan was to have an unmedicated water birth at the Birth Center of Denver, but because of my long labor, circumstances dictated that I have a more traditional hospital birth. Despite not having the birth we planned, Dee made sure my husband and I were prepared in advance for any deviations and last minute changes. She spent several hours with us during my pregnancy during which she educated us on the process and talked to us about our concerns, fears and hopes for the birth of our son.
In addition to preparing us for labor and birth, Dee was present for both. She helped me remain calm and relaxed during my labor and coached me through each contraction, physically and mentally. She encouraged me when I doubted myself and reminded me of how strong I was. She and my husband were the best support team and worked together as if they had been planning it for weeks. I ended up having a positive, calm, and medicated vaginal birth and everything happened as it should have.
My husband and I would recommend Dee to any pregnant mother whether it is her first or fifth child. She is a beautiful person inside and out.”

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