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Why Hire a Doula?

Research has shown that having a doula during labor can vastly improve outcomes. A doula provides emotional and non-medical support, making it different than the care one would receive with a medical professional. Because the birth of each child can have a long lasting effect on both the birth giver and baby, it is important that birthing people be fully supported.


Throughout history we’ve seen that someone giving birth would have had several people caring for them during the birth of their baby. These people were mothers, sisters, friends and experienced elders. Since most births today take place without the emotional and physical support of a community, doctors, midwives and nurses often find themselves caring for multiple people at once and not being able to give individual care, thus making a doula necessary.        


A doula provides emotional support by reassuring you that you are doing exactly what your body is meant to do and by offering you holistic and evidenced based information prenatally, so that you can make the best decisions for yourself and the safe passage of your baby. Having a doula has been linked to: lower cesarean rates, less interventions and a more positive birth experience.


But I have a partner, why do I need a doula?

This is a question I get a lot and love to address.  If you have a partner you still need a doula!  Doulas not only provide support to the birthing person but to their partners as well.  We are human and sometimes our partners need a break.  They can rest assured that you are in good hands with me so that they can eat, sleep, take care of other little ones and themselves.  I work with partners in supporting you by having them get involved with comfort measures and reassuring them if things get intense.  I use my intuition and what I learn about you as a couple prenatally, to determine when it’s best for me to step in or step aside.  If I see you’re in a good rhythm with your partner, I will not interrupt.  Instead I will stand by in case any questions arise in labor and hold space for you both. Is your partner not very hands on when it comes to birth?  That’s ok too and I can provide support while still including your partner emotionally.  All of this applies to any person you choose to include in your birth.

What if I'm not sure I want to have an unmedicated birth?

No problem.  As a doula I offer a holistic approach to help guide you to your birth intentions. I have experience with both natural and highly medicalized births.  This includes: induction, epidurals and cesareans. If you and your provider think an intervention may be needed or wanted, I will provide you with evidenced based information to make sure you are making the best decision for you and your baby. I can still offer emotional and physical comfort to you, no matter what interventions are used during your birth. I remain unbiased throughout my care because I want what is best for YOU and YOUR birth experience. 


Serving People in the Denver Metro Area

Birth Support

I provide my clients with holistic and evidence based education during the prenatal stage, unbiased and passionate care during your labor and comforting support postpartum. If you are not able to have a doula present for your birth due to COVID-19, I also offer virtual support at this time. Learn More

Lactation Counseling

As a Certified Lactation Counselor, I help my clients in their postpartum journeys by assessing, troubleshooting and answering common breastfeeding questions in the comfort of your own home. Learn More


Having a doula is an investment in your health and well-being during your birthing journey. Click here to see more about my fees.

Praise for Dietra

It was wonderful working with Dietra! We were able to meet once before the birth as my little one decided to grace us with his presence a few weeks early. She had a lot of great info and things to think about for the birth and led me through making a lot of decisions that would have been impossible in the moments of labor and birth. She stuck with us through a long day and was immediately able to remind me about certain things I did and did not want to do when I finally delivered my baby. I would work with her again the future!

Sara Olate-Godfrey

Happy Mama
Dietra was so helpful during the birth of my second son. She was full of love and support and was calm calm calm. One thing I remember (and appreciate most) about my fast labor was when (I think I was in transition and everything was spinning and blurry like I was on a fast moving carousel) and she stood right next to me and said "Just open your body like a flower." And in that moment I saw clarity in a sea of darkness, and was able to re-center and focus. Minutes later I was holding my son in my arms. Thank you, Dietra, for being there!

Janet Vaudt

Happy Mama
Dietra was absolutely amazing. She was understanding of my needs and wants both before, during, and after labor. We experienced a somewhat traumatic labor and having her there was a huge comfort.

Beth Felix

Happy Mama


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